Monday 30 April 2012

Individual Options Update

So I'm at the development/final design stage of Individual options and it's all starting to come together now ! I've just had my designs digitally printed and am ready to start embellishing, there's only two weeks left until hand in and I'm gonna work non stop to make my final designs look gorgeous!!

Organised Chaos that is my bay !
Digital Print - fresh of the printer!

Up close


  1. There's nothing better then organised chaos - it's how I live my life!

    I looove your digital prints - sooo hot, I want them on pair or shorts right now.

    Check out my blog for the up-and-coming Fashion Rules event at mima :) xx

  2. I no me too ! Oh thanks glad you like them ! I've just checked out your blog and the event at mima sounds great, I'll definitely be there, thanks for letting me know ! Xx