Saturday 7 April 2012

Draw, Draw, Draw

So it's the Easter Holidays and that means, two weeks off woop, well kind of, I'd say it's a working holiday, 2 weeks to get a good body of drawing done as these six week projects don't half fly by ! So I've been working all week on my drawing sheets and my theme is all about textured effects, such as burnt out and bleached approaches - trying to create 'textural interest' has been the aim of the game all week ! So as the week has gone I've experimented with tie dye and have actually really enjoyed it, some of the dispersed areas of dye and bleach is something so random it couldn't have been created in the same haphazard way using paint.

 So these are a few pictures of my drawing sheets so far, I'm really pleased I've chosen this theme, as it's so different and I've really enjoyed experimenting with texture and using the computer as a primary drawing tool, by manipulating some pictures of rock and landscapes associated with the theme.

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