Friday 24 February 2012

Home Again ...

So it's been a week now since I got back from Paris and I had an a-m-azing time ! What a place, it's so beautiful and there's so much to see, I had a great time, ready and inspired to jump into the gift project feet first !

Tuesday 7 February 2012

What's around the corner.... Paris of course!

So our uni trip to Paris is literally days away , eek i can't wait there's so much I plan to see I hope we get to see it all ! So I've found out 3 of my 4 dress designs and all of the 4 pieces i submitted from first year are going to indigo and I'm over the moon !!! It's so great that they're actually going i can't believe it all the hard work and stitching into the night paid off ! So seven pieces are going to the capital of fashion in not even a weeks time ! Just what i wanted to here :)

Surface Design for Gift

So we've just been given our brief for Surface Design for Gift which is a linked project with Hallmark, obviously the trends are all top secret so I can't let you know any of the details but once the project is over, all will become clear :) It's really exciting and i can't wait to get stuck into it !

If you want to check out all of the loveliness that Hallmark create check out their website

Monday 6 February 2012

Design Event

So at uni this week it's been the 'Design Event', which meant artists and designers would come and do workshops and lectures about their profession in art and design. so i signed up to go to a Sarah Morpeth workshop on Wednesday and it was brilliant. If you get chance you need to check out her work , her work is none other than beautiful, she works with paper and textiles and uses book forms to express a story or a characters story and pushes the boundaries of a definitive link between story and form. How beautiful is her work above !

I learnt so much on Wednesday, how to make different pop up mechanisms, different fold out books and how to bind books together, it was so nice having a relaxing day playing with paper and creating some beautiful things, without being in a project scenario. Another thing i attended was an Adobe Illustrator workshop which was also so helpful, all the little tips and tricks I've picked up this week will definitely be useful for the next project which is Surface Design for Gift which is a linked project with Hallmark.

So here's a photo of some of the things we made on Wednesday at the Sarah Morpeth workshop...

Sunday 5 February 2012

Long time no see....

So it's been a while since I've blogged properly as I've been up to my ears in embroidery and you'll be glad to hear it's all finished and handed in and what a relief! I love embroidery and i'm so pleased with this project, i've handed in four garment shapes connected to my current project with the combined themes 'Bewitched' and 'Copy Nature' and I've also handed in four pieces of embroidery from my first year projects so fingers crossed some of it gets picked !!! How great would that be ...

So here's a picture of what my work looks like on the corridor outside of our studio, each of us gets a space which our work goes up onto once we've finished a project. I'm so proud of this project and have found a better way of working in terms of drawing, by drawing on individual pages and styling them together at the end. So on here includes a collection of drawing sheets, design development, mood-board, market research board for embroidery and fashion and a visual research board.

Friday 3 February 2012

Surface Design for Interiors - Drawings, Mood-board and Visual-board

So here's some pictures from the first module of second year, which was a linked assignment with Trend Bible, so there's pictures of my mood-board, visual board and drawing sheets from the Surface Design for Interiors module...
Visual Research Board
A1 Drawing Sheet 1
A1 Drawing Sheet 2
A1 Drawing Sheet 3
A2 Drawing Sheet

Surface Design for Interiors - Design, Development and Final Printed Samples

So this is the second part of imagery from the Surface Design for Interiors module, including some design development sheets and some final printed samples.
Design Development Sheet 1
Design Development Sheet 2
Design Development Sheet 3
Final Printed Sample 1
Final Printed Sample 2
Corridor Space- Where all of our work is displayed after the end of each project, space includes mood-board, visual board, drawing sheets and final printed samples