Monday 6 February 2012

Design Event

So at uni this week it's been the 'Design Event', which meant artists and designers would come and do workshops and lectures about their profession in art and design. so i signed up to go to a Sarah Morpeth workshop on Wednesday and it was brilliant. If you get chance you need to check out her work , her work is none other than beautiful, she works with paper and textiles and uses book forms to express a story or a characters story and pushes the boundaries of a definitive link between story and form. How beautiful is her work above !

I learnt so much on Wednesday, how to make different pop up mechanisms, different fold out books and how to bind books together, it was so nice having a relaxing day playing with paper and creating some beautiful things, without being in a project scenario. Another thing i attended was an Adobe Illustrator workshop which was also so helpful, all the little tips and tricks I've picked up this week will definitely be useful for the next project which is Surface Design for Gift which is a linked project with Hallmark.

So here's a photo of some of the things we made on Wednesday at the Sarah Morpeth workshop...

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