Monday 3 September 2012

So Lately ...... Summer Project

Since my last post, I've been collecting images, objects and photos for my summer project, which is all linked to my minor project when I go back to uni in a few weeks time. I've decided again to do something that I wouldn't generally pick, because after the success of my last project, it seems that it's more challenging to pick something soo different and put my own twist on it ! So yep you guessed it I'm braving a bit more colour again ! I usually stick to quite earth ground tones, but after the last projects success, I'm going to brave even more statement colours! I've completed the initial mood boards, market research and colour inspiration boards and am going to post some sneaky previews of my drawings ! Hope you like ...
Colour Inspiration Board - Images taken from a variety of sources
(As you can see bold, bold, BOLD colours)

Tools and Tricks for drawing

I'll try and keep you updated of the next steps in the process, can't wait to start getting some designs done, have some great ideas for this project !!!