Thursday 28 February 2013

Degree Show Blog Mention

Check out the CCAD Textiles and Surface Design degree show blog, for info on my theme, concept and work as well as all of the other students exhibiting with me !!

Bay Update

Here's a quick snap of my bay at uni, hope you like it ! x

Sponsorship Delivery

I received some lovely goodies last week from Madeira and also some goodies from Swann Morton, I'm so lucky to have been sponsored by such prestigious companies ! Can't wait to start using them !

Tuesday 26 February 2013


So here's a bit of an insight into the sampling I've been doing for my final major project! Lots of different sampling has been going on from print to embellishment, successes and some not so much, but it's all paving the way towards my final collection or possible collections! Here are a few pictures of what's been happening so far.

As you can see, there's been a lot of experimentation with adding more lines using screen printing through discharge paste and pigment. It's worked really well in areas of certain designs and responded differently to different fabrics. I felt it could be interesting to try and print with more colours to try and expand the collection further. After trying this I came to the conclusion that adding more lines to the designs using screen printing wasn't the result I was after, it made me think of adding a few more designs to the collection but maybe introducing a variation of new colours. Any feedback on my work so far, would love to see what you guys think !



Monday 18 February 2013

Time to sort the sewing box ......

Time to sort the sewing box out !

This week and last week have been dedicated to sampling, so many different things to try from screen printed lines to embellished surfaces, the possibilities are endless. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm wanting to embellish with some unconventional materials and metal is one of them, I feel that it could bring a sense of strength and a chunkiness to my work that instantly makes a statement.  I think my sewing box could definitely do with a sort through, with all the stitching I'm going to be doing in the next few months that poor box is definitely gonna get put through its paces ! Let's hope the box and my fingers can take it!

More pictures to come of my sampling so far !

Wednesday 13 February 2013


It's that time of year again, for the Premiere Vision and Indigo trade show in Paris ! So i've got seven of my designs going this year and a cd with all of the graduating students work and cv's on will be going along as well! So hopefully something good comes from the tradeshow - lots of opportunities to be had !

Monday 11 February 2013

Sponsorship News!


Some great news,  Thought I'd let you guys know I've been sponsored again.... By two more companies, Swann Morton and Fiskars !

Can't believe at how generous the companies I've been sponsored by have been ! Spoken to so many lovely people, can;t wait to start using all of the products that I've been sent!

- Fiskars
- Madeira
- Swann Morton
- Seawhite of Brighton
- Hobbycraft

Just want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU !!!! To all of the people I've spoken to and the companies listed that have been so generous with their time and products. Thank You guys !!!

Development Update

So I've been a busy bee, plodding on with my design development - which I have to say is going really well, really enjoying getting stuck in and seeing how my ideas are coming together! So I'll talk you through how it's going !

Firstly I did some design layouts on Photoshop using scans of my drawings, but I didn't think they weren't really exciting or innovative  enough, so I decided to be brave cut them up and rework them into something more interesting..

 These are a few of the layouts I created, think they are much more effective than what I had before !
With these designs I then needed to move them into digital versions. Therefore I recreated them in Photoshop and played around with colour, layering and further placement to further develop the designs.

This is a photo of my designs, fresh off the digital printer, to sample with. I then intend to screen print lines over the designs, by adding coloured pigment lines and also discharging lines out as well. Below is a few pictures of the process.

I hope to develop with what embroidery will be on my designs as well, I will post pictures of this soon... I am thinking about going really chunky and embellishing with the non traditionalist.......
More to come....