Monday 11 February 2013

Development Update

So I've been a busy bee, plodding on with my design development - which I have to say is going really well, really enjoying getting stuck in and seeing how my ideas are coming together! So I'll talk you through how it's going !

Firstly I did some design layouts on Photoshop using scans of my drawings, but I didn't think they weren't really exciting or innovative  enough, so I decided to be brave cut them up and rework them into something more interesting..

 These are a few of the layouts I created, think they are much more effective than what I had before !
With these designs I then needed to move them into digital versions. Therefore I recreated them in Photoshop and played around with colour, layering and further placement to further develop the designs.

This is a photo of my designs, fresh off the digital printer, to sample with. I then intend to screen print lines over the designs, by adding coloured pigment lines and also discharging lines out as well. Below is a few pictures of the process.

I hope to develop with what embroidery will be on my designs as well, I will post pictures of this soon... I am thinking about going really chunky and embellishing with the non traditionalist.......
More to come....

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