Monday 26 November 2012

Final Major Project - Ideas Ideas Ideas

As you know from my previous posts, My final major project is now ! So I've chosen a theme and this is the first step.... The Moodboard - a creative board echoing the mood and direction of the project. Hope you like mine.....

FMP Moodboard

My theme is the fusion of sleek, clean cut architecture meets the organic in depth nature of natural crystals and stones. Do you think my Moodboard says this? I think I'm going to try and merge together very textural and in depth marks with linear geometric lines. Excited, I love the start of new projects all those ideas running around, can't wait to get out there and start drawing some interesting things. I'll keep you posted every step of the way !! Xx


  1. Concept is very interesting Claude and your Moodboards are visually exciting can't wait to see your outcome!

  2. Ah thanks lovely - me too we'll blink and it'll be our degree show !! Where's the time gone ?!! X