Thursday 29 March 2012

"Earthy Nonchalance"

So after handing the gift project in last week, this week is the start of a new project, called Individual Options - which basically means you can do what you like :) Pick a trend or make up your own and it means you can choose any area to do your project on, be it interiors, fashion or gift.

So I've gone for something which isn't something I'd normally go for as, I fall into the vintage trap quite often, it's just naturally something I'm drawn to, but this time I've gone for a very warm toned trend called 'Earthy Nonchalance' - it's full of sand washed stone and I've decided to take it down the Moroccan route. I love the warm, rich tones of Morocco and it's something I'm really excited to dive into ! So I've chosen the trend from the View2 trend journal and it's a fashion trend, after the gift project I can't wait to use embroidery again as I love it !

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